We want a more affordable and sustainable Orlando

The Orlando metro area is one of the fastest growing regions in the country. This growth has created a huge demand for housing, with home prices and rents increasing rapidly.

We see friends, family, and coworkers priced out of our area. We see sprawl consume acres of wilderness and increase the number of cars on the road. And we see an alternative. We want Orlando to be an affordable and inclusive community. We can make Orlando a place that anyone can call home.

We are a group of neighbors in greater Orlando who advocate for more housing.

Policy Priorities

  • LEGALIZE HOUSING: Allow for the construction of multi-unit housing throughout our urban core—near downtown Orlando and surrounding neighborhoods, SunRail stations, colleges and universities, and other employment clusters.

  • STOP THE SPRAWL: We must build up instead of out. Local governments should prioritize infill development and housing density to protect Central Florida's conservation areas and natural resources.

  • BUILD MORE AFFORDABLE HOUSING: Local, state, and federal levels of government must all commit significant funding to support the completion of housing units and developments that are accessible for lower income residents.

  • PRIORITIZE PEOPLE, NOT CARS: Convert space that is used to store cars (parking) into space that is used to store people (housing), and build a robust transit system that is compatible with higher-density cities and towns.

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