The Orlando Metropolitan area is one of the fastest growing regions in the country. This growth has created a huge demand for housing, with home prices and rents going through the roof. Our region has simply not generated enough housing to meet demand.

Furthermore, too much of the housing built is expensive single-family homes or luxury apartments. Orlando needs housing of all types to meet demand. Unfortunately, most of our region is zoned exclusively for single-family homes, making apartments illegal in most of the city and county. Housing is a human right – we must legalize it.

Our organization is filled with neighbors who want more neighbors. Orlando YIMBY is here to advocate for strong neighborhoods – housing for all, connected by high quality transit and safe walking and biking infrastructure.

Vision: We want to build an inclusive, sustainable, and beautiful Orange County that is filled with neighbors of all incomes, cultures, and interests.

Mission: We advocate for affordable, sustainable, and plentiful housing throughout Central Florida. We will offer evidence-based policies that alleviate the ongoing housing crisis, as well as a political voice to our neighbors who need and want these policies in place.

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